We offer talent services for your competitive advantage

Rapid changes in technologies and business models require the best talent available in order to maintain the competitive advantage and to succeed in the mid and long term.

Brave Talent is providing exceptional talents, Brave Leaders and true experts for our clients.

Either as permanent placement, contingent interim solutions or on the spot agile expertise.


Talent services are a just-in-time business

Succeeding in daily business, implementing strategies, improving processes, developing products or turning around operations, whatever the challenge is, it is most likely highly dependent on the right talent at the exact right point in time.

Some tasks require hiring permanent talent others require brave leaders and experts for just a few weeks, months or days.

We deliver the talent matching your expectations and requirements. This is exactly our competence and our business since 2007. We support you whatever it takes – we are committed to your success.


Core talent services to grow your business

Executive Search

Finding and hiring brave leaders is the key to success of corporations. We motivate, encourage and convince the talent that will help you implement your strategies and take your organization to the next level. We are successful even in tough markets.

Interim Talent

Implementing strategies fast and efficient, demands often temporarily a higher level of talent. Brave Leaders with proven track record and experts with professional experience will support you during your implementation process. Brave Talent provides interim talent that navigates the storm. Our interim professionals help you getting your implementation not just done but done-done!

On the spot Expertise

Even as Brave Leaders we are too often tempted to re-invent the wheel. We neglect experience that is out there, because we do not know about it and subsequently, we repeat mistakes others made before. Knowing upfront what challenges and opportunities are ahead before deciding on costly, time consuming projects and investments would make life a lot easier, wouldn’t it? Sounds too good?

At Brave Talent we know by experience, that most wheels have been invented already. Maybe in a different industry, a different region or in a different business context but there is a pretty good chance that your challenge is not unique. Within the reach of our network we will find the right experts with firsthand experience who are willing to share. Let’s talk and stop wasting time and money!


We focus on areas we know extremely well and can cover with personal experience



Our clients are located either in the Nordics or in Western Europe. Many of them are successfully operating in both regions and so are we!



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We are looking for experienced, brave people to widen our network of international talent service professionals. If you have a proven track record and you are truly passionate about helping customers succeed, we should talk.


Brave Talent is a Brave Alliance brand

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